Dr. Jwan Murad Gynaecology and Fertility Clinic
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Dr. Jwan Murad Gynaecology and Fertility Clinic

Dr. Jwan Murad
Gynaecology and Fertility Clinic
MB Ch B. Diploma Obstetrics (Dublin)
FRCOG (London)
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I.V.F. (In Vitro Fertilization)


It was an enormous breakthrough when the first (I.V.F) test tube baby was born in 1978, after pioneering research that had lasted for more than a decade.

IVF was being used at the time for patients with tubal blockage, but now it has become the routine treatment not only for cases of female tubal disease, but also for cases of poor semen and other refractory fertility problems. And the chances of successful pregnancy are 30 – 35% per cycle of treatment, rising to over 60% with aneuploidy screening, a new technique that checks the chromosomes of the IVF embryos before they are returned to the mother's womb.

The management of infertility depends on establishing the right diagnosis. This is done by fully investigating the husband and wife to find the exact cause of infertility, and therefore the alternatives for management. These investigations include blood tests, pelvic ultrasound scanning, hysterosalpingography and semen analysis. Usually, the problem lies with the husband in 40% of cases, the wife in 40% of cases also, both male and female factors in 10% of cases and in the remaining 10% of cases, the cause of infertility is unknown.